Sakarya Technopark Incorporated Company was founded in 2009 and started to the activities in the year of 2010 in accordance with the statutes at large by Council of Ministers with the Law No 26980 in the year 2008 by publishing in the Official Gazette.

Shareholders of Sakarya Technopark Inc; Sakarya University, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Adapazarı Municipality, Serdivan Municipality, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sakarya Commodity Exchange and 1st Organized Industrial Zones Directorate. Sakarya Technopark, which is the Technology Development Zone in Sakarya province, serves in three different buildings within the boundaries of Sakarya University within the area of approximately 50.000 m2. In the A, B and D blocks, there are 86 offices in the total of R &D e companies, 1 conference hall, 2 VIP meeting room, 2 meeting rooms, 3 administrative offices, 1 exhibition area, 1 restaurant. There are 32 offices, 1 meeting room and 1 conference hall in ROSEM which serves as incubator center. The total covered area of the three buildings is approximately 5,659 m2.

In Sakarya Technopark, a total of 89 firms are established, 18 of which are founded by academic members. These companies have already completed 152 projects in total and work on new projects is being continued.

Purpose of Sakarya Technopark;

  • To ensure that university-industry relations turn into concrete cooperations,

  • The establishment of technology-based new companies and ensure that existing small companies grow,

  • To increase the economic and technological level,

  • To increase international competition power,

  • Our companies in our world to work together on technology-based projects to provide.

Sakarya Technopark Inc .; To ensure that R & D activities are carried out within the framework of legislation applicable in the region and to ensure that the necessary business services are provided in Teknokent. Sakarya Technopark continues its activities in line with these aims.

The main service of Sakarya Technopark is to provide qualified offices by leasing to companies that want to carry out R & D activities or to undertake a land acquisition for companies that want to build their own buildings according to build-operate-transfer model. Sakarya Technopark, security, heating, electricity and gas distribution, etc. for the R & In addition to their business services, they also provide support services such as consultancy and training they need in R & D activities and serve as an interface to the utilization of university resources.

The occupancy rates of the offices in our existing Sakarya Technopark building reached 100%. In 2016, D block construction was started in our Technology Development Zone and the new service building was opened in 2017. In 2017, negotiations were initiated for the construction of the Technopark branch building in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone.

  • To make bridge studies for the transformation of university-industry relations into concrete cooperations,

  • Establishing new technology-based companies and providing opportunities and opportunities for the growth of existing small companies,

  • To work intensively to increase the economic and technological level,

  • Support for increasing international competitiveness,

  • To help bring together companies working in the field of technology to create synergies among themselves and at universities.

  • First of all, contributing to the ability of our science, our region and our country to produce R & D potential and innovative technology,

  • To provide contribution and support as Sakarya Technopolis in providing products and services that are high in added value to the world market,

  • To play a major role in directing the production and accumulation of technology, the priority sectors and our country, our region and our province,

  • To create more effective University – Industry cooperation,

    To contribute to the transformation of university research infrastructure and knowledge into economic value,

  • To encourage Entrepreneurship and Innovation and to build up the whole ecosystem needed in this area,

  • To prioritize companies in the priority sectors that are capable of being competitive on a global scale,

  • To support the production of high technology products and services for world markets,

  • To produce suitable environment for technology transfer to Sakarya Technopolis,

  • Being one of the elements of regional sustainable development,

  • To generate employment in the qualified workforce,

  • Strengthening international alliance cooperation, especially in the EU countries.


Sakarya University Rectorate - 56%
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality - 10%
Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 10%
Adapazarı Municipality - 6%
Serdivan Municipality - 6%
Sakarya University Foundation - 7%
Sakarya Commodity Exchange - 5%
Total - 100%