The only private companies and stock corporations which activate in R&D activities are merely accepted by Sakarya Technopark. The organizations which want to set up an R&D unit can do both moving the center of their organizations to the Teknokent and opening a branch Office of their companies.

Acceptance is done not on a company basis but on a project basis in Sakarya Technopark. Namely, the organizations, institutions or people must have an R&D project. The projects are evaluated by arbitration board includes 3 expert arbitrators whether the projects are suitable with the international norms in accordance with the Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691 or not.

The projects that are endorsed by the arbitration board and Sakarya Technopark Inc. Comp. Board of Directors are accepted to Sakarya Technopark.

The following general qualifications are sought for companies that will be accepted into the zone:

  • The companies, which will locate in Sakarya Technopark, should possess qualifications that may contribute to the country’s high-technology potential
  • To contribute to the economic and technological international competitiveness of the country with carrying out effective R&D and software development activities
  • To be accepted to Sakarya Technopark, it is expected from these companies to contribute to the regional and national sustainable development
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are significant characteristics of the companies and their projects that will operate within Sakarya Technopark
  • It is expected from the companies and their managers to be believers of social justice, respectful environment, human and employee rights, be ethical and have exemplary character for the
  • The organizations and companies that will state in Sakarya Technopark shall not pollute the environment. To this end, the companies that have the likelihood of creating air, water, and noise, as well as visual pollution are not accepted to Sakarya Technopark.


Following the completion of the pre-application process, Main Application process starts for entrepreneur company. Main Application Document is sent via e-post to the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs should deliver the Main Application File to the Sakarya Technopark.

In order to complete the main application, documents which are listed below should be prepared as 2 copy (1 original + 1 copy).

  • The company logo, company name, application number and application date information must be found on the inner cover of the Application File.
  • Following the inner cover, Sakarya University Technology Development Zones Manager A.Ş. Written to the Board of Directors, printed on letterhead of the company for the examination of the application and signed by the company official.
  • Application Fee The receipt must be accompanied by a petition. Application fee is determined as 2500TL + VAT and it is required to be deposited to Garanti Bank Adapazarı Branch (Branch Code: 333, 6297295 account) TR90 0006 2000 3330 0006 2972 95 IBAN account.