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Girişim Atölyesi holds a competition for the students from the all degree (bachelor, master and Ph.D.) and the students graduated from the universities over the last 5 years. The selected students develop their ideas with mentors and training in the Office allocated by the Adaptto-Technology Transfer Office for the duration of 6 to 12 months. Girişim Atölyesi is an ecosystem that 12 successful entrepreneurs are accepted to the preincubation program annually. Girişim Atölyesi is a preincubation program that provides the enabling infrastructure and services giving free training, mentorship, consultancy, and fund support to develop the entrepreneurs’ ideas into a project/product/service towards commercialization.

How to Apply Girişim Atolyesi ?

 Preincubation program starts with the online application. All the applications evaluated by the referees. The business ideas that pass through the evaluation progress have been called for the face to face meeting. And then, 20 successful business ideas attached to the ‘Acceleration Program’ lasts for 5 weeks. After this, 12 entrepreneurs have been designated with the entrepreneurial competition. These entrepreneurs have been stated in the preincubation program for 6-12 months. The whole designated entrepreneurs to the preincubation are observed and it is decided whether they continue in the program or not depends on their performance. The entrepreneurs’ ideas are supported to win sustainable commercialization dimension through financial supports and/or consultancy service from the variety of institutions and organizations. Girişim Atölyesi is an entrepreneurship center that provides an environment for sharing of experience between the entrepreneurs and mentors and professionals. The ideas which are funded are incorporated and commercialized by the Adaptto Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre. Girişim Atölyesi has comprehensive knowledge on the progress from the idea stage to the corporation stage.

For more information; www. girisimatolyesi.net

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It is mentioned about the investors and the types of investments that support the innovation and entrepreneurs. Incubation Centre is one of the most important roles acting on the actualization of the attempt.

What is the Incubation Center?

Incubation Centers can be analyzed in the part of the investment types but it differentiated from these investment types for a variety of aspects. Incubation Centers organize business contacts rather than giving high financial support. The Center captures the ideas for the first time and it supports the entrepreneurs on the topics of the marketing, mentorship, and management of the corporation. The incubation centers have the professional line can be named as the ‘guide’ basically.

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