Who can apply Sakarya Technopark ?

Companies carrying out Research and Development and software projects primarily in the prioritized sectors like chemistry, material science, machinery, food and io genetic, may apply to Sakarya Technopark.

How are the applications made to Sakarya Technopark ?

Inıtially, the companies should visit the Sakarya Technopark website and should fill the online form. Next, Sakarya Technopark Management Company arranges a preliminary meeting with the applicant companies and entrepreneurs willing to locate in the zone, in order to be well-informed about their demands and projects. If the projects and companies or entrepreneurs are appropriate for the zone, ‘Main Application Form’ is sent to the entrepreneurs. And then, it is applied with ‘Main Application Form’ and other demanded documentaries to the Sakarya Technopark.

Are the applications to Sakarya Technopark paid ?

An application fee amounting to TRY 2.500 + VAT (18%) is demanded. Moreover, when the existing companies apply for an added project application, TRY 1.000 + VAT (18%) is demanded.

How do carry out assessment and acceptance of applications ?

The applications are evaluated by three referees (arbitration board) who are experts in the field and the projects that are to be carried out at ODTU TECHNOPARK. The referees have face-to-face meeting with the applicant company and may visit their offices or facilities if they deem necessary. The judgements of the referees are accounted for, by ODTU TECHNOPARK management, Teknokent Higher Advisory Board (TYDK) that is comprised of private industry representatives and submitted for approval to ODTU TECHNOPARK Executive Board and University Executive Board. In accord with the referees’ decisions, the company can either be accepted or conditionally accepted or rejected. The primary indicator for the companies that are accepted to Teknokent is the degree of R&D in their projects and university-industry collaboration. 

Who does constitute the arbitration board ?

The arbitration board consists of experts in the same field as the company and especially in the area of the prospected research and software development projects of the company. Sakarya University academicians are prioritized in the referral of the arbitration board. The identities of the members of the arbitration board are not revealed to the companies and they meet at the evaluation meeting the first time.

How long does it take to assess all applications?

It takes at most sixty days from the submission of the application files till the evaluation. Within this period of time, the process is finalized and Technopark Higher Advisory Board informs the companies of the decisions.

What happens if the applications are not accepted ?

There are no restrictions to apply again, for the companies whose applications are evaluated as inappropriate.

Is it required to make reservations for Office space beforehand ?

It is not possible to make reservations for office space before application. Those companies, who go through the application process and are accepted are later assigned office space.

How is Office space assigned for accepted companies ?

Office space is assigned to companies depending on the application order of the projects, Moreover, the equipment and conditions required for the company to realize its projects at Sakarya Teknokent are also taken into consideration.

What are the characteristics of the Office space assigned ?

The companies that are accepted to Sakarya Teknokent, are provided with office space equipped with all communication, the Internet, and electrical infrastructures. Should the company wish, internal furnishing can be done upon receiving permission and on condition that the company will return the office to its original state when it leaves.

What are the costs associated with the Office space assigned ?

The rental cost of R&D offices at Sakarya Technopark is 16.5 TL/m2 excluding VAT. The entrepreneurs and companies that rent offices in the zone shall contribute to the operating costs. The operating costs include office space climatization (a factor of building conditions), environmental planning, common spaces’ climatization and cleaning, building security services, common electrical and water expenditures.

What should be done if an Office space is not assigned after the evaluation of the application ?

After the application process is complete, in case the company cannot be assigned an office space right away, the request of the company is ranked in accord with Sakarya Technopark application order and the company is assigned an office when a suitable space is available.

What is the duration of rental agreements ?

Dependent on the duration of the Project duration stated in the application forms.

What are the tax advantages provided under the Technology Development Zones Law ?

Companies allowed to have their operations in the region have tax exemption under the Technology Development Zones Law.

  • R&D personnel employed in the region, researcher personnel and software personnel fees are exempted from income tax until 31.12.2023.
  • Income generated from R&D and software development activities executed exclusively in the region are exempted from corporate tax (natural entities are exempted from income tax) until 31.12.2023.
  • During the period in which earnings of entrepreneurs having their operations in the region are exempted from income or corporate tax, all deliveries and services produced in these regions and related to system management, data management, business practices, sectoral, internet, mobile and military command control application software are exempted from value added tax. 
  • R&D personnel employed in the zone, researcher personnel and software personnel is exempted from the sharing of 50% of SSI for each personnel for 5 years.

What is the control mechanism for tax incentives ?

The authority for the audit of tax incentives declared by companies within the zone is Revenue Administration of Ministry of Finance and the corresponding Tax Office. General issues regarding the tax audit are also relevant for activities within the zone.

Is it compulsory for companies to cooperate with SAU, or to work in partnership with academians and students in the Project ?

It is not compulsory for companies to cooperate with SAU. However, it is expected of the companies to synergize for such collaboration since the primary goal of the zone is to reinforce university-industry collaboration in research and technology development projects.

How can be taken advantages of the laboratories and research centers at the University ?

SAU is one of Turkey’s universities with the most developed laboratory and research center facilities. Sakarya Technopark companies are eligible to make use of the laboratories and existing research centers, with special conditions. The companies willing to use laboratories and/or research centers need to contact the relevant department administration or research institute management through SAÜTEK.

What should do companies willing to work with academians do ?

The companies that are willing to work with academicians in their projects, need to consult with the ADAPTTO-Technology Transfer Office (www.adaptto.net) within Sakarya Teknokent. SAU Instructors can be tasked with directly without the decision of the University Executive Board for not exceeding 30 days projects. It is mandotory to receive university approval for long duration projects. The whole academians-project matching processes have been organizzed by the ADAPTTO.

Is it compulsory to move company headquarters to Sakarya Teknokent in order to start operations in the zone ?

The headquarters of the company does not need to be in the zone. However, the R&D and software office in the zone have to be “establishment” (office) in accordance with Turkish Commercial Law. In order to comply with this law, the companies that have their headquarters outside the Sakarya, shall have branch offices in the zone.

What should the companies do after being accepted to Sakarya Technopark ?

In order to operate within the scope of Technology Development Zone Law No.4691, the companies that are accepted to locate in Sakarya Teknokent have to provide the following documents within 10 days after moving in the office space assigned for their use: Regional Office Registry, SSK Employer Registry, copies of polling plug and tax office liability registration documents, resumes of personnel benefiting from tax incentives within the scope of Law No.4691 (resumes, job descriptions, date of employment, total time of exemption benefited according to Law No.4691, SSK statement of employment) and information regarding personnel out of the scope of Law No.4691 (name, surname, date of employment, job description and SSK statement of employment).

What are the liabilities of the companies operating at Sakarya Technopark ?

The resumes of personnel benefiting from tax incentives within the scope of Law No.4691 (resumes, job descriptions, date of employment, total time of exemption benefited according to Law No.4691, SSK statement of employment) and information regarding personnel out of the scope of Law No.4691 (name, surname, date of employment, job description and SSK statement of employment) must be submitted to ODTU TECHNOPARK within 10 days. In case of a change in any information regarding any personnel such as the termination of employment or change in the job description, Sakarya Teknokent Management must be informed within 10 days. Each month, the companies must submit Employed Personnel Information Form that contains information about R&D personnel employed within the scope of Law No.4691 (name/surname, SSK registration number, occupation, project code involved, project task, and total time of exemption) to ODTU TECHNOPARK Management for approval.

What are the social oppurtunities available for personnel working at Sakarya Technopark ?

One of the best campuses in Turkey, the special care that Esentepe Campus gives to design principles and environmental harmony is as well sustained within the borders of Sakarya Technopark, and “living and natural spaces” are created to provide the employees with a pleasant working ambiance with a peerless view of the Sapanca Lake. At Sakarya Technopark, “life and human” are as priorities as “technology”, and to improve social life, various activities are organized. Sakarya Technopark employees can benefit from many social opportunities that the University offers like easy access of the employees are shopping malls, cinemas, concert and theater halls, restaurants, sports facilities, educational institutes, accommodation and lodgings.