Almost 1350m2 closed area from all physical facilities belonging to Sakarya Technopolis can be used for adaptation activities. Detailed information on the areas to be used for adaptation activities is given below.


Sakarya Technopark A Block

A Block offers approximately 120m2 office space for the usage of the Adaptto staffs for 3 separated offices. In addition, A Block offers 60m2 office space for seminar hall for 44 people, 160 m2 conference room for 150 people, 55m2 VIP meeting room for 12 people 45m2 meeting room for 18 people. These opportunities can be used at any time in the scope of the adaptto activities.


Sakarya Technopark B Block

Sakarya Teknokent B Block is opened for the use of the activities offers 60m2meeting room for 20 people.


Sakarya Technopark D Block

Sakarya Technopolis Inc. D Block 1698 m2 area, as of 2017, the use of the incubator was opened. There are 27 offices, 57 m2 1 training hall, 46 m2 1 meeting room, 45 m2 mescid and 52 car parking spaces.


Sakarya Technopark ROSEM Incubation Center

Rosem Building is assigned by the ADAPTTO incorporation and entrepreneurship unit for the purpose of the usage in the activities of incorporation and entrepreneurship according to the decision of the Sakarya Teknokent Incorporated Company. Rosem Incubation Center offers conference hall for 160 people, education hall for 15 people and 824m2 closed area can be used for the only incorporation and entrepreneurship unit for the purpose of incorporation and entrepreneurship.