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Despite their small structure differencies between them, expressed with terms such as science park, technocities, research park etc. technocities; technocities offering structure and services in a qualified environment in university, industry, reseacrh centres, entrepreneurs and to increase partnerships between markets, aiming to increase information and technology transfer, high added valued, advanced technology product based on R&D and available substructure to produce services.

According to International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)’s definition technocity; is in a relationship based on official or action with one or more than one university or high education corporation and research centres, designed to encourage the industrial firms which have in it’s constitution based on information and advanced technologies to set up and to improve, have a management function to support technology transfer and bussiness administration to hirer firms in it. Technocity is an attempt based on encouragement and ownership.

Technology Development Areas (Law No.4691) according to law technocity; firms using high/advanced technology or intended new technologies, technology or software producing/improvement using possibilities of a specific university or high technology enstutituon or R&D centre or R&D’s enstutitons, showing action to transform a technological discovery to a trade product, method or service and this way they are contributing the region’s progress, same unversity, in a high technology enstutituon or R&D centre or enstitution field or near of it. It is a site where academical, economical or social structure concretes or a Technology Development Area which has these characteristics.

Producing Technology has 4 fundamental factor;

1 Person has the spirit of research

2 Enough information saving

3 Enough financial roots

4 Doing R&D works with a programe

In technology development, around the world a lot of method-togetherness has being tried according to these factors. Most beneficial of them, is the togetherness occured with a dialog between University-Research foundation and Industry.

According to 4 fundamental factors producing technology technoparks mutual aims;

As creating new entrepreneurs from manpower raised in science and technology fields, providing economic transformation via technology orientationed firms being constructed by entrepreneurs raies in university and R&D foundations.
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Tecnhoparks aiming to get together science and technology firstly started in countries advanced in science-technology such as USA, England, France, Germany, and Japan etc.

There are 800 technoparks around the world today.Without a doubt ‘’Silicon Valley’’ is the oldest and the best-known technopark. It is in the west of USA in California, it is a technopark, in 8500 firms every one of them has 100 thousand employees, paying 1.7 million dollars tax every year which municipalities started action in an area with 150 hectare in 1950 as a consequence of industrial development.

Silicon valley is the birth place of a lot of development to become a part of our daily life. First discoveries founded here such as radio broadcast, transistor, vacuum, tube, microprocessor, pc, hard drive, floppy disk drive, laptop, mause etc. In silicon valley a lot of famous universities in USA showing action here and 88.000 stutends in this universities centered in technopark computer area. Silicon valley not only offering a well-heeled university education chance but also realizing master and PhD student’s contributions. Besides Silikon Valley there are hundreds of technoparks in USA.

‘’Cambridge Science Park’’ is the largest and the best-known technopark above 80 technoparks in England where we had a chance to walk around it when we were working there. Besides this there are some science parks: Oxford, Heriot-Watt and Mersoside.

In France there are 25 technoparks. The best-known of them is Sophia Antipolis builded in 1969 servicing in computer, electronic and automation, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry biotechnology and education fields. In this technopark stated in 10 thousand hektared area a thousand advanced technology firms employing 50 thousand people.

Japan constructing it’s Technology Development Centres with the name technopolice. In Japan 26 more technopolice declared additional to old ones in 2000.

Far East’s rapidly developing economy China with it’s cheap industry products increasing it’s competition power in world market and every year they are taking high amount of foreign stock from other contries. First technopark constructed in 1985 in China and there are 60 technoparks today.

First technopark in Israel constructed in 1946 with private sector interference. Additional to 4 technoparks which able to compete with world, Negev Region Science and Technology Park constructing in Ben Gurion University which advanced pretty in medicine and environment technologies.
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Today there are 39 tecnocity in Turkey; but only 28 of them is in action, other 11 technocity is in the process of constructing. Technocities in our country how much project they have putted out since their construct; our country’s fundemantal technocities we are seeing when we look at the picture from mechanical engineering department studies to technocities working principles.

According to the statics declared by Ministry of Industry; technocities showing action in Turkey from 2003 to our date nearly 6.800 project             finished, nearly 3.800 project work continuing. Well, how much of these projects are known, what is the last condition of technocities? Before talking about our meetings with other technocities lets look how technocity term came to Turkey.

Firstly technocity is a system named as doing such things: for new ideas and discovery owners to success tecnocity offering small and big companies, new entrepreneur’s and academic personal’s well designed work place, getting together university and industry partnership in life and placement area. Besides technocity; can be described as a tool to transfer science and technology based discoveries and developments by entrepreneurs and scientist to industry field.

Technocities appeared with Silicon Vallet constructed in USA in 1950, is the most successful model providing university and industry partnership in the world. Today a lot of developed country, seeing technocities as the best tool of chronological and economical development. A lot of countries producing production and service’s great deal of added value such as USA, England, France, Japan, China, Korea, India, Finland, Israel; owes R&D works lifting in technocities.

Technocities are being named according to their size, function, structure, country they are placing. Science park, research park, industry park, technopark, technopolice are the names being using. Technocities aiming to develop their competition and innovative quality of  information based foundation and bussinesses. Technocities encouraging and simplifying  the circulation of science and technology around universities, research centres, companies and markets; supporting construction and development of companies based on innovation, offering qulified office areas and supporting services will be used in R&D to their partnerships. Technocities are the organizations being managing professionally. Foundations pursuing R&D actions in technocities; as foundations showing action in industry and service sector can be a R&D unit, private R&D companies which these foundations constructed can be information based companies, companies founded by instructors or R&D companies founded by young entrepreneurs which focused on study based on information.

In technocities the main point is producing new products and new technology by doing R&D works in forward and new technology field. USA, owes it’s advantage in computer technology to developed products and technology made in Silicon Valley the first technocity constructed in the world. French industry, added value’s %24 they created owes only to R&D works being done in Sophia Antipolis Technocity rather than all technocities in the country. Technology produced in technocities can be exported directly. Today, technocities around the world passed a thousand.

Technocity Statistics in Turkey

6 in Ankara, 5 in Istanbul, 3 in Izmit, one in Izmir, Konya, Antalya, Kayseri, Trabzon, Adana, Erzurum, Mersin, Isparta, Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Bursa, Denizli, Edirne, Elazıg, Sivas, Diyarbakır, Sakarya, Bolu, Kutahya, Samsun, Malatya; 2 technocities construction is continuing. Totally 39 Technology Development Area constructed in Turkey.

28 Technology Development Area started action, others investment actions still continuing.

Since today 6.800 project finished, 3.800 is still continuing.

According to December 2009 statistics 10.816 (9.396 R&D, 2.522 Support Personel) people employed and there are 1235 firms.